ITV's 'Love Your Garden' TV show is Alan Titchmarsh's top-rating garden show on ITV. Creating fantastic gardens, top tips and lots of gardening ideas throughout the show, it also attempts to bring local businesses together to help those in need of a garden make-over.


In the episode due to be aired on TUESDAY 5th July 2016, Alan Titchmarsh and the team create a new garden for a young girl in Nottingham, despite the worst weather they have ever experienced. Eight year old Tilly Sawford was severely scalded in a freak accident six years ago and continues to require treatment to aid her recovery, leading to the staff at her local hospital recommending the family have a safe garden created for them, with a bold colour scheme and surprise areas for all of the children.


During the make-over, a large tree stump in the garden needs removing to make way for the extravagant and elegant design that Alan and his team have devised.  HSC Sales Director, Dan Musson, was approached by the team and knowing the great range of machines we had available, was able to happily offer a BARRETTO BARSTG HYDRAULIC STUMP GRINDER, which he knew would offer the best results. (Keep your eyes out for a quick flash of our Dan!)

The Barreto BARSTG Hydraulic Stump Grinder doesn't use belts to spin the cutting wheel. The hydraulic direct drive powered cutting wheel of this stump grinder is very easily controlled with the ergonomic joystick and eliminates the need for expensive drive belts.

  • The 757,5 kg frame keeps the unit stable and in proper contact with the stump.
  • Excellent maneuverability, allowing the operator to easily transport the unit to and from the work site.
  • One joy stick to control all cutting head functions (up-down and left-right)
  • There are no belts to the cutting wheel! The hydraulic direct drive eliminates the need for expensive drive belts.
  • A brake on the cutting wheel makes for safer operation.

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The Hire Supply Company (UK) Ltd, were delighted to provide this machine for a very brave and worthy young lady and we hope she enjoys her new garden with her family, for many years to come.

The Love Your Garden Team: Katie Rushworth, Alan Titchmarsh, Francis Tophill and David Domoney

Pictures Courteousy : Love Your Garden