On a Friday afternoon Caspian Tool Hire received their delivery of an Active ACT1500MTP brushcutter that was ordered for a customer to pick up on Saturday.

Unfortunately after unpacking the brushcutter it was discovered that it had been damaged in transit and Caspian fitters did not have the parts in stock to repair it, so a call was made to Hsc’s Area Sales Manager Steve Watkinson to see what could be done.

To make sure that Caspian’s customer was not let down Steve decided that an early morning drive from Nottingham to Grimsby on Saturday would be the best solution and Caspian’s customer would get what they wanted when they wanted it.

Glen Farmery from Caspian said “I have known Steve for many years and he knows that I would not call him if it was not important but for him to come out on a Saturday morning in his own time and deliver the Active brushcutter was just amazing. Steve’s customer service skills are spot on and reflect what I have come to rely on from HSC.